Pack 569 Klondike Derby

Pack 569 Klondike Derby
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Friday, November 16, 2007

Welcome Message

Welcome to "Scout Salute." I hope you will find this blog a great place to explore and share your experiences with Scouting.

My involvement with scouting has come later in life than most people. However, my appreciation for scouting and the value it brings to boys and girls of all ages is very deep. Having served in the U.S. Coast Guard for quite a few years, I see leadership blooming in kids that may not normally have any other opportunities.

When my oldest child decided to join the Cub Scouts a few years ago, I took him to the first meeting with a very vague understanding of the program. A few "months" later I found myself as the Committee Chair of a Pack of 70+ boys from first grade to fifth grade. It was an eye opening experience that has led to many great opportunities to teach these young scouts about leadership and the great outdoors... not to mention make some great friends myself.

I hope this blog becomes more about sharing some things of great importance to scouting as well as things that are working in our rural farming community in supporting scouting. Across the nation the number of children in scouting is declining. We see small Cub Scout Packs struggling to keep running with such small numbers. We are fortunate that our Pack continues to grow and offer some traditional programs due to our size and commitment from our scout parents.

While I will try to present the things we have done at our Pack to grow in hopes that it could help your group, your feedback will be the most valuable in helping everyone involved with scouting to continue to grow their individual programs. If this becomes a popular mechanism to share information I could expand this blog to a more open communications tool. So please let me know.

Scout Salute!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Test 2

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